How to convince your boss (and anyone else) that you should go to Hair Camp

Here are some examples to use when talking your boss, your colleagues and your clients about Hair Camp:

1. I’m going to connect and network with top stylists in our industry and make valuable new connections for the salon

At Hair Camp, campers are brought together through education, team building, and personal growth situations over 3 days. We will be connecting with leaders and influencers from inside and outside the industry. We learn together, laugh together, think together and conquer together. Hair Camp is an opportunity that is unique and powerful.

2. I will return a stronger asset to the salon, the team and my clients

Hair Camp is an experience that taps into my technical skills, my interpersonal communication skills, and my leadership skills. Campers take part in hands on education workshops as well as creative classes, listen to inspirational speakers, and face outdoor challenges to stimulate all senses. It’s an experience that will allow me to build on my skills, find new strengths and connect with my peers.

3. I’m going to share my knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm with the rest of salon and my clients

From the classes, to the handouts, to the inspiration, to the new knowledge I gain, Hair Camp will directly impact my role as a stylist at our salon, and will spread amongst our team. Plus, the ideas I bring home with me will spark others to think about things in new ways.

4. I will return with new ways to stay current and creative in our industry.

Yep, the great thing about gathering 300 top stylists from all over the map and placing them in a camp environment is that everyone is outside their comfort zone and primed for an experience. This unique setting allows everyone to start interacting in new and creative ways. Between all the workshops, Keynotes, outdoor challenges and networking, we naturally do what we do best: start sharing ideas. This is when those “aha” moments happen.

Sam Hills