camp joy

The Hair Camp Team grew up going to summer camp. Our weeks spent away from home and out of our comfort zones were life changing. We want to share those same experiences with you. Maybe you’ve never been to camp and the idea freaks you out. That’s totally cool. What we can promise you is that camp is a place where change happens. If that’s what you're looking for you’ll find it at Hair Camp. 



All of our campers sleep in cabins (aka bunks) with friends, both old and new! We offer both gender specific and co-ed options. While Camp Joy doesn’t claim to be a five star resort, Camp Joy is a beautiful camp. Cabins are clean, the food is delicious and Camp Joy has modern amenities. That being said, it is a camp, so expect to be surrounded by nature and disconnected from technology.


food & drink

We love food and drinks as much as the next person. So of course Hair Camp will have some of the best local beverages around. We partner with local craft coffee and beer companies to make sure we keep every moment going. And food? Yeah it’s awesome. Whether you herbivore or an omnivore it’ll be there. We’ll have you going back for seconds.


camp fun

Camp Joy is a full blown summer camp. With that comes all the fun you can have when you escape to a place committed to experience. Take time to paddle a canoe across the pond. Grab your new friends and take an adventure in the woods. Use a bow and arrow to shoot an apple off of someone’s head (Just kidding, please don’t do that). While at camp we encourage you to let down your hair and your guard.