Color Classes



Improve your foiling techniques and understanding of color placement within a foil pattern while you learn a unique way to section the hair that creates a color that can be utilized on any cut.

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Learn specialized brunette balayage placement, how to create the perfect melted money piece, and how to get enough lift to avoid “blorange” hair. This session also includes tips for taking the most Instagram worthy pics.

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Want to achieve the softest version of the rooty blend/organic look? This session is for you! Learn hairline coloring “do’s” and “don’ts”, and new techniques to combine different ways of creating this beautiful style.

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Learn the exciting combination of creative color and precision cutting, how to use photography to create your own unique style, and how to set and reach your goals whether it’s running a salon, a social media brand or product line.

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This tag team session will take your foil skills to a new level and help you provide your clients with a great new service that will elongate their color, and keep their new style fresh. You will be shown 2-3 original celebrity looks, teaching you tips on how to transition looks quickly. You’ll also get a look at what goes on backstage at an award show or on the set of photo/video shoot. During the finale of this session you’ll learn the Embeautyment Method and why it is important to integrate wellness and intention into your daily work with clients.

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Cutting Classes


Understand the what, why, how, when and “WHAT IF” with in our craft through practical theory and simple, hybrid cutting. Also, learn how to create usable salon styles combining classic and creative techniques.

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Grow your foundation of razor cutting by learning to safely control and handle the straight edge blade and better understand the versatility that comes from mastery of the stroke and rotation. Learn the best way to create a face frame with complimentary bangs, and how to create space and separation in a shape, all while gaining a modern approach to seamlessly building weight.

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In this look and learn you will not only experience an amazing haircut, you will also understand the theory that went into creating it. Gain knowledge of the “why” behind each step as you explore the ins and outs of a cut that not only looks good but is purposefully executed as well.

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Afraid of the fade? Lay your fears of using clippers on any hair type to rest. You will learn the techniques and guidelines needed to achieve any look and the differences between the tools needed for short hair cutting and fading.

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Grow your technical hair cutting skills and deepen your social media why’s by learning how to challenge your thought process and the importance of practice.

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Learn a 7 step haircut method which includes, trimming and shaping a beard correctly, detail work to make you a stand out, client consultation and interaction while they’re in your chair, educating them on products, and ending the haircut in a manner in which they will return.

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Bonus Classes



Our world today is heavily saturated with social media so much so, that it is no longer a “hype" but an integral part of our society. Arielle has explored how to venture past the norm of conversations taking place and how to bring raw, real life moments back into the social media context. There are MANY social media workshops out there that will tell you when to post, how to post but not always WHAT to post and the intention BEHIND the post. Not only will we explore practical social media tools and techniques but most importantly, we will be exploring the values of your brand or business and the importance of the conversations taking place within social media.

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This one hour look and learn class will teach you the tips, ticks and secretes to creating beautiful color for any client.

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Sarah demonstrates her secrets for creating unique up-styles that you will quickly and easily be able to replicate for your clients. Discover how to create a solid base that will last all day, how to master the whimsical, textured look, along with finishing and detailing techniques to make your formal styles stand out.

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This one hour look and learn class will teach you the tips, ticks and secrets to creating beautiful color for any client.

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*SALON OWNERS & MANAGERS ONLY* Have you ever noticed how 3 different people can execute the same technical steps, but create wildly different results? Do you want to get more consistent about the impact you know you can have on your team, and that your team can have in the world? In this power-packed session, we’ll unlock all of that, and set you up to be able to get deeper, broader, more intentional impact across your business and your influence, in everything you do and everyone you interact with as a leader.

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Salons are the home of community and creativity. On a daily basis, our careers are filled with making people feel great about themselves and sharing life experiences. Every now and then, we are faced with challenging situations such as issues of safety. In our class, “Don’t Run with Scissors”, professionals will learn what to do in emergency situations such as a guest having a health problem, what do to in case of an intruder, how to deal with children in a salon setting and more. This class is worth 2 CE Hours specifically in the area of safety and sanitation (required by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology).

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