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The Basics

+ What should I expect at Hair Camp?

Learning from some of the best educators in the industry, national keynote speakers to inspire and challenge you, a comfortable bed to rest your head: pillows, sheets, and blankets provided, a natural setting to unplug, relax, and be rejuvenated, adventures of excellence and fun, delicious meals, craft coffee to perk up with, s’mores (not camp without them), happy hours for winding down and mingling, all the best camp activities like hiking, archery, canoeing, and ropes courses, morning yoga, creative sessions, an amazing campfire band, tons of swag, dance party under the stars, new best friends, AND SO MUCH MORE!

+ How long is it?

9am Saturday April 25th - noon Monday April 27th Check in early for the pre-party Friday, April 24th

+ How much does it cost?

Please check out our ticket sale page for specific pricing

+ Where does Hair Camp take place?

Hair Camp takes place at Camp Joy, a glorious 315 acres of all the best memories you have from summer camp. You know what we’re talking about - ropes course, archery, hiking, canoeing and more. We’ll spend the weekend staying in cabins and yurts (don’t worry, there’s heating and air conditioning in all the facilities #glamping), eating in mess halls and conspiring on camp grounds. We’ll eat, drink and be merry and make a ton of memories.

+ How old do I need to be to attend Hair Camp?

All campers must be 21 years or older.

+ How do I register for classes?

Each educator will be teaching the same class 2-4 times throughout the weekend. Each class has a camper limit, which varies depending how the educator will be presenting the material. You register for classes at the same time you purchase your ticket.

Our lineup of educators is so amazing that no matter what classes you officially score, you’re in for the highest caliber of education from some of the best in the industry.

+ Where do we sleep?

All of our campers sleep in cabins (aka bunks) with friends, both old and new! We offer both gender specific and co-ed options.

While Camp Joy doesn’t claim to a be five star resort, Camp Joy is a beautiful camp. Cabins are clean, the food is delicious and Camp Joy has modern amenities. That being said, it is a camp, so expect to be surrounded by nature and disconnected from technology.

+ How is the food?

Delicious! In fact, the food is part of what differentiates the Hair Camp experience from a traditional camp experience. In addition to our delicious meals, we provide several dietary options, so please let us know your dietary restrictions or preferences on your registration form. If you have any allergies or choose to eat a particular diet, we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

+ Are there going to be camp counselors?

YES! Hair Camp counselors won’t be telling you what you have to do or where you have to be or watching your every move (unless it’s a good dance move, of course). We are counting on you being responsible for yourself, helping maintain a safe and fun environment for you and your fellow campers

Hair Camp counselors are fellow stylists that will be taking part in the fun alongside of you, who can answer questions and help you out. Our Hair Camp leadership staff is also on hand to ensure your safety and to help implement certain activities. There will also be Camp Joy staff there to belay for rock climbing and the ropes course, run certain camp activities, run the kitchen and mess hall and maintain the cleanliness of the camp over the course of the weekend.

+ Will there be alcohol at this event?

Yes. While it is certainly not the focus, alcohol will be available. We know you’ll be responsible and operate within your limits.

*Hair Camp maintains a zero drug policy

+ Is Hair Camp tax-deductible?

YES. Ask your tax accountant to explain how you can write off the weekend.

Getting Here & Around

+ What’s the weather like in April in Ohio?

Check out the current weather

+ What do I need to bring?

Once you’ve purchased your ticket we’ll send you a packing list.

+ What time do I need to be there on Saturday?

Check in is from 7am - 9am on Saturday April 25th. Our first session starts at 9am.

+ What Airport should I fly into?

Wondering what airport to fly into? Need to know the distance from the airport to camp? We've got you covered! Check out the airports closest to Hair Camp below.

  • DAY (Dayton, 52 miles from camp)
  • CVG (Cincinnati, 55 miles from camp)
  • CMH (Columbus, 80 miles from camp)
  • IND (Indianapolis, 152 miles from camp)

+ How do I get to Camp Joy from the airport?

If you are traveling to Hair Camp from out of town please plan accordingly. We suggest you consider using Lyft, renting a car or using our carpooling platform to connect with other campers near you that are traveling to Hair Camp. (If you carpool, we suggest everyone chip in on gas $$$.)

+ How do I get back to the airport on Monday?

You can get back to the airport the same way you came (rental car, carpool, Lyft/Uber). We’re also offering a shuttle to CVG leaving at noon Monday.

+ I'm flying in Friday night. Where should I stay?

Great news! If you are coming in Friday, you can register for early check-in to get settled in your bunk and hang out with fellow campers and educators at our Hair Camp pre-party.

+ Can I drive to Hair Camp?

You sure can! AND we'd encourage you to take the opportunity to meet some new friends and save some $$ and the environment by carpooling! Camp Joy offers ample parking.

+ Is Camp Joy Handicap accessible?

Camp Joy is fully accessible to campers of all abilities. Please contact the Hair Camp team to make specific arrangements

Can I…?

+ Can I bring my own food?

While there is no need for your own food at camp, since all meals and snacks are provided, you can pack a snack if you like. Don’t forget to bring some extra for your bunkmates - sharing is caring!

+ Can I smoke at Hair Camp?

Camp Joy is a beautiful setting that is surrounded by well maintained grounds and nature. We’d like to keep it that way, so we ask that you only smoke in the designated smoking area.

*Hair Camp maintains no zero drug policy

+ Can I (fill in the illegal activity here)?

Hair Camp is all about having fun and having adventures, but we are still subject to all local and federal laws. I mean, duh. Hair Camp is a drug-free environment. We have a zero tolerance policy on illegal drug use. If you are caught committing an illegal activity, you will be removed from the camp weekend immediately at your own expense.