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2020 lineup


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Briana Cisneros

More than Foilayage

On her return to Hair Camp, Briana is excited to really break down Foilayage! In this class, you will learn how to adjust your technique based on your client. Then, Briana will walk each student through a hands-on experience that is bound to add to your foiling skills by the end of the class. You will walk away feeling like you have a better understanding of foil placement, patterns and pick up. 

Briana has devoted her time to mastering her craft and developing her unique artistic approach to hairstyling. She is continually driven by her heart for growing people in their careers, through her position as co-owner of Shannon Hair and her own education platform where she teaches her specific techniques that she has developed.

Briana is routinely invited by television networks to do on-camera makeovers and offer advice as a beauty guru and guest celebrity stylist. Briana’s work has been featured in MTV News, Glamour, E News, People Magazine, OK! magazine, Life and Style, US Weekly, Celeb Buzz, major beauty blogs, and many more.



shannon rha

natural & versatile foilayage technique

Shannon will teach you how to use her signature foilayage and color correction techniques to get either maximum (organic/natural) blonde or a very dimensional look in this hands-on class. Using babylights, hair line detail, foilayage technique, and color correction technique you’ll learn how to perfect these looks!

Shannon Rha has truly built the American dream. With her humble beginnings in Korea, her and her family immigrated to the United States where she took the opportunity to follow her passion in the beauty industry. At 30 years old, she went to beauty school and built the foundation and industry values she still holds today. Prestige and quality are the requirements in all aspects of her life and business. Shannon has always be enable to stay ahead of the curve while maintaining her and the salon’s integrity. Shannon Hair has been open for over 10 years and has grown tremendously with no sign of slowing down. Her dedication to the industry, her stylists and her business is truly inspiring. Shannon believes there is no better investment than investing in yourself and your career, which she practices by attending countless classes on cutting, color and business strategy to perfect her craft.


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Mish Jolie

Power of 3: Melting, Babylights & Balayage

You won’t want to miss this class PACKED with tons of knowledge! Get inspired with three different techniques that you can use together, separately or mixed for a completely unique service. Mish will talk about customized color and how to tailor your work for every client. There will be tons of Q + A, social media chat, and picture taking. Get ready for some fun vibes and made to order color techniques! 

Mish is a Balayage specialist and educator from CT. She’s known for her Brunette Balayage and Melting specialties as well as her down to earth vibe. Being in the industry for over 10 years, Mish’s passion continues to be helping others elevate their careers and sharing her story to inspire other stylists to never give up.


8862CD25-C45A-4831-A5E2-CC7CDA6B8065 - Megan Moran.jpeg

meg moran

Melt into Blonde

The number one thing to remember during a balayage placement is leaving depth, which allows the lightness to pop! During this class Meg will do melted balayage on wet hair. Seeing your light and dark on one canvas is not only satisfying but creates a useful guide for your eye to understand. A dual paint and melt method will allow you to use this technique on all of your clients!

Meg is a balayage/color specialist with a passion for creating lived in color! She believes as artists it is important to maintain our artistry by taking classes. Being able to inspire others by sharing her passion in her artistry is something Meg has always wanted to do, and she can’t wait to have a moment and connect with everyone at Hair Camp.



sara pestella

Power Blonde

Power Blonde is all about impact where it matters—where the client focal points are and how to utilize existing color as contrast. Learn this technique for maintenance Sara often calls a faux foil because it gives impact in all the places that make your client feel like they got a full foil in this hands-on class. This approach is beyond easy and can be used on any color hair—not just blondes.

Sara’s passion for creating entire looks started with makeup when she worked for MAC cosmetics and evolved as she began to build her career as a colorist and educator. She has the deepest passion for effortless hair color that has impact. Sara loves fashion and the fashion industry, working with models and styling them, creating the mood board, the makeup, the hair, and even hair color for specific shoots.


71C23FED-829C-4AE2-ACD4-4E55ECE7E39A - Caitlin tyczka.jpeg

Caitlin Tyczka

Color Conscious

Known for her incredibly dreamy, muted, and earth-toned dye jobs, Caitlin will help you take the principles of hair color theory and learn to apply them in a more modern and broad section way! You’ll get a deeper understanding of the world of how to approach hair color, color mixing and how to create a wider range of fashion shades. 

Caitlin Tyczka is a hairstylist that started in the industry 12 years ago as a receptionist. She progressed to assistant and student, then on to hairstylist, then educator, and finally became a salon owner in 2019. Caitlin has been able to travel the world sharing her knowledge of her craft, and still to this day falls in love with the industry over and over again.



DB1F2DAA-3B6B-4326-8CC8-4ADC286C5B7D - Vernon Porter.jpeg

buddy porter

Dry cutting specialization

In Buddy’s course you won’t be learning a specific haircut, but how to understand cutting hair 100% dry from start to finish. From extremely blunt cuts to texturized bobs, you will walk away with all the tools necessary to achieve these looks back in the salon. This class will also have a very big focus on marcel iron styling, breaking down the mystery of how you can use this tool efficiently and quickly with one hand. Buddy will also cover business strategy and how to utilize specialization to build yourself a bigger and more solid clientele.

Buddy W. Porter is a global hair stylist, specializing in dry cutting and modern styling. Drawing inspiration from music and art, Porter looks at the hair as if it’s a sculpture. Every haircut will be different. Everyone has different hair, and a different head and face shape. This is why it’s critical to make sure the haircut is tailored to the person. Often getting asked why he only cuts hair when it’s dry, his answer is quite simple. “You don’t wear your hair wet, so why cut it wet? I want to make sure that I can see exactly how your hair will lay naturally so you can have the most low-maintenance hair possible.”


C456772F-FA5D-4B92-8495-C8692C188A26 - joel torres.jpeg

Joel Torres

Modern Classics & mastering your content

In Joel’s Modern Classics class, you’ll learn how to transform fundamentals into creative and contemporary work. Through demonstration and discussion, Joel will lead you through fundamentals + contemporary cuts, 70s looks, shags + face framing, and modern styling.

Joel Torres grew up offering haircuts to his friends and neighbors in Puerto Rico, a hobby that eventually led him to join the TIGI International Creative Team over 19 years ago. Now based in Dallas, Texas, where he brings volume to the TIGI Learning Lab, Joel is a master educator with a focus on the men’s and women’s market. Joel’s handiwork has graced the pages of Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle—plus your Instagram feed, where he debuts collaborations and releases how-to videos.



ira pope sage

Perspective is Key

Perspective can be the difference between success/fail, owning/renting or easy/hard. Ira’s “Clock Cutting Concept” method is original, simple and visual. Utilizing the Clock Concept you will learn a layered disconnected shape—Ira’s take on a shag, cut with scissors instead of a razor. This hands-on lesson will show you the importance of body position, how to utilize the mirror as a tool/indicator, and the importance of your combing direction. This one lesson can open your mind, letting you see how simple things can be when you think inside the box, work the rules and have proper boundaries.

Ira has been in the industry since 1994. He moved from Michigan to Nevada in 1999 and worked for A Robert Cromeans Salon until 2012.  He was named Top Hairdresser in Las Vegas 2 years in a row. He educated and traveled all over the globe for Paul Mitchell for 12years. Be Magazine listed Ira in the Top 40 Platform Artists in the country and was featured on a Winn Claybaugh Masters CD. In search for freedom Ira created his own independent educational company in 2010 called Epic Hair Movement. He created the Clock Concept a way to simplify haircutting. In 2012 he co created and custom blended Cotê Hair. He is a partner and has been the Director of Art of Cotê Hair since 2012. Currently he is on the path for the least amount of resistance, so Ira’s purely independent once again and is offering his class called Perspective is Key. His goal is the change the way hairdressers see haircutting. 


4599E362-D1DC-4C66-A31B-2B2A24101835 - Judith Viola.jpeg

judith viola

#coolgirlhair: Crafting the Pixie with Specialty and Care

Join Judith Viola as she demonstrates that the perfect pixie is all in the details in this hands-on class. Starting with foundational structure and shape, she will show you how to take the classic pixie from timeless and beautiful to effortlessly cool. We will explore how to easily integrate on-trend styles such as her signature baby bang and textured face frame to suit your clients’ unique style . Mixing modern personalization techniques with straight razor and dry cutting, you will learn the subtleties that make each pixie cut truly special.

Judith Viola fell in love with short hair at age 15, but it took another decade before she found her place behind the chair. Passionate about blurring the lines between vision and technique, she has focused on creative and technical haircutting from her early days at Toni&Guy, and today as a part of the Travis Parker Academy. When she is not creating #coolgirlhair at the Young American salon, she immerses herself in the hair community by cultivating genuine relationships with every hairdresser she meets. While Judith believes that education is the engine behind creativity, she also knows that vision and imagination are the fuel to ignite true passion..


IMG_0215 - Valerie Lewis.JPG

Brian hickman

mindful cutting

Brian will be demonstrating his progressive signature cuts and go into depth on why each technique is chosen and how it is customized to the individual. He will also be covering his take on social media and how to utilize it towards building a unique brand. 

Brian's passion is haircutting, which he specializes in at Local Honey. As the creative director of education, he holds advanced classes for LH stylists as well as fundamental training for apprentices. Brian's career began in Chicago 17 years ago, where he studied Toni and Guy and Vidal Sassoon techniques to hone in on what he is best at: hair cutting. Brian attended Bumble and Bumble University in NYC where he mastered all styling and cutting classes in the curriculum, as well as leadership and teacher training in their business school. He has been a sought-after stylist in Nashville for over 9 years.



joshua wagner


Joshua will touch on everything you need to know to confidently take on your classic male clientele! After covering foundational cutting you will step outside the box for a more advanced way of approaching men’s grooming. Joshua will cover design, disconnects, and visual blending that will take your men’s haircutting to the next level! 

Joshua began his career as a barber in the US Navy, and eventually took his skills to a new level by becoming a cosmetologist. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work fashion weeks, fashion shows, hair shows, tv and film, editorial photo shoots, commercial, and celebrity hair! Joshua has been an educator both nationally and internationally for 10 years. He loves utilizing his craft to help improve his community and communities around the globe and is inspired by working with positive, open-minded people.



evan joseph

Curly Dry Cutting 101

Learn Evan Joseph's foolproof methods for cutting and creating beautiful shapes in curly hair. In this class, Evan will show you how to add layers while maintaining length, how to cut curly fringe/bangs that work, and how to cleanse, condition & style curly hair in a way that is simple and yields great results for all curl types. After learning Evan's "Top Down" cutting technique, along with his easy to understand styling you can begin to confidently service your curly clientele.

Evan has been a sought after Curl Stylist in the Central Ohio region for well over a decade. He is the owner of Evan Joseph Salon in the trendy Short North Neighborhood of Columbus. Growing from a one man curl shop to five curl stylists in a four year span, EJS has become the go-to destination for Curly Girls from all over the country. When asked about how he built a business around Curls, Evan responds, “several years ago, I had a curly girl walk in. And instead of saying “no”, I said “yes”. Since that time, he’s built his entire client base around the Curly Community. Whether behind the chair or in class, Evan’s greatest passion is nurturing and developing new Curl Stylists who wish to join this natural movement.



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Jamie dana

How to stand out from everyone else on Instagram

Let's face it, Instagram is SO saturated and it's hard to get noticed by clients. In this class, Jamie will teach her favorite techniques to help you stand out from every other hairstylist and help clients fall in love with you the second they land on your page. If you want to have a successful business, Instagram is by far the best way to do that, you just need a strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd!

Offered Sunday morning and afternoon

Jamie Dana is a hairstylist and an educator specializing in teaching hairstylists how to use Instagram to grow their businesses. Jamie is most passionate about helping stylists see their full potential not only as a hairstylist, but also as a business owner. She loves to connect with others in the hair industry and her goal is to create a community full of like-minded stylists who encourage and inspire each other to work hard, build their dreams, and live a life they absolutely love.


17DB9E69-595F-432A-99FC-4480F74DC469 - andrewdoeshair.jpeg

Andrew Does Hair

Photography for Hairdressers

Andrew will help you remove the “luck” involved in creating viral images, getting reposts, winning competitions, making your clients feel better than ever, and gaining new clients, through understanding basic photographic principles that apply to any camera (even an iPhone!). You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to style hair specifically for a better photo, pose your clients, get accurate colors without using filters or editing, and recognize how light works. 

Andrew Kozac is an independent educator who focuses less on teaching better haircuts and more on what to do with your better haircuts in order to grow your business.



cyd charisse

destroy the hairdresser: Risky Business for btc

Risky Business for those behind the chair (BTC) is a workshop where students will discover their reactive system and how it affects their business. Learn what it means to be a “Market Risk” in an industry full of competition and gain access to 8 risks that will help you increase your control over your business and build revenue. 

Offered Saturday afternoon

Cyd Charisse has been in the beauty industry for 12+ years. From behind the chair to education, Cyd has done it all. She is the co-creator of Destroy The Hairdresser and leads the 'Independent Division' of the company. As a certified color educator and coach, Cyd has enhanced the lives and paychecks of those she has worked with. Her gentle but straight-forward approach has changed the lives of those she has met - permanently. When Cyd isn't busy coaching others, she can be found doing hair behind the chair and for print.



David Bosscher

destroy the hairdresser: Risky Business for leadership

Students will learn the two skills all leadership needs to succeed in building and growing the perfect team. Discover your reactive leadership system and how to transform it into a proactive leadership system while gaining access to 6 out of the box risks that will put you back in the driver seat of your business. You will also gain a better understand for your teams capacity for wealth and success and how to increase it daily. 

Offered Saturday morning, Salon Owners only

David Bosscher has been in the beauty industry for 12+ years. He has experienced all levels of the industry from assisting, managing, and educating. David has won Planned Profitability & Growth awards with Salon Today Top 200 for his consulting with struggling salons. He is a co-creator of Destroy The hairdresser and leads the 'Leadership Division' of the company. As a certified coach, David's radical style has pushed Destroy The Hairdresser toward success one person at a time. When David isn't busy coaching others, he can be found doing hair for print and celebrity in New York City.



Arielle Estoria

Curating your social media story

 There are MANY social media workshops that will tell you when to post, how to post but not WHAT to post and the intention BEHIND the post. This class will explore practical social media tools and techniques but most importantly, it will explore the values of your brand or business and the importance of the conversations taking place.

Offered as an elective during free time

Born and raised in foggy Northern California now residing in Pasadena CA, Arielle Estoria Leda Wilburn is a Writer, Speaker and Creative. Arielle graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and focus on theater integration to be a creative bridge between intellect and creativity, the mind and the heart. Through various aspects of storytelling: Spoken Word, Event Hosting (Emcee), Acting and Voice Overs, Arielle orchestrates her art out of a “Words not for the ears but for the soul” motto. Words that plant within an audience’s soul and blooms awareness of identity and worthiness. The heartbeat behind her work, is a diligent pursuit of instilling and reminding individuals of their value through words.




different and the same

This husband and wife duo were such a hit last year we had to bring them back! Tight harmonies and soulful, bluesy vocal runs will fill the air when they take the stage to sing some of your faves. But wait, there’s more! Curl up in a blanket by the campfire each evening as they lead a singalong into the wee hours of the morning. They’re a Hair Camp staple and we’re so stoked they’re coming back.