You are the risk takers, that believe in something bigger than themselves.

You shatter ceilings and blaze trails. Not only did you believe in Hair Camp the first time around, you bought tickets to come back for more! You didn’t give up on the idea of Hair Camp and because of that Hair Camp is Never Giving Up on you. From the bottom of our collective, adventure chasing hearts, thank you.

As a current ticket holder, you are entitled to choose your tickets before we open them to the next class of Hair Campers. 

Follow the steps below to start your journey

  1. Check out this unbelievable class lineup

  2. Go to this page

  3. Choose your ticket/cabin (upgrade if you’d like!)

  4. Choose your classes

  5. Choose any add-ons

  6. At checkout, use your custom code

How it works:

  • You have exclusive access to choose your lodging & classes until we open tickets to the public at 12pm EST on Sunday September 29th

  • Your custom code is based on the ticket level you purchased at the end of Hair Camp 2019. This code will cover registration for Hair Camp 2020, the cabin level you selected, and your reserved bunk (if you had one). 

  • If you’d like to upgrade to the next level cabin go for it! Your code will act as a discount towards your entire cost.

  • There are nominal material fees for hands-on classes as well as upgrades and add-ons you can choose, so it’s possible you may have a balance after using your code.

Example: If you paid for a Yurt your code will grant you access to a bunk inside of a yurt, your camp registration including meals and swag and experiences, but will not cover the costs of mannequin heads for hands on classes or the Friday night add-on. If you have a remainder at the end of your selection process this is because you chose over the amenities you originally paid for.

  • Please don't share the pre-sale link or your code. Anyone who didn't buy a pre-sale ticket from HC2019 and attempts to sign up prior to the live date will be voided and assessed a cancellation fee.


New this year:

DIY cabin selection & class scheduling

You’ll get to choose your specific cabin/yurt and your schedule, so coordinate with your pals if you want to be together

Friday check-in and pre-party

This optional add-on gives you extra time to get settled and hang with fellow campers and educators.

Monday shuttle to CVG

Add this on and we’ll get you to the airport at the close of camp

Materials fee

To make the experience even better, hands-on classes will have a $25 fee to cover supplies